Nata Convention 2016
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In its sixth year of existence just ahead of third bi-annual convention to be held in grandeur at Dallas (Texas), North American Telugu Association (NATA) organized national level music competitions, NATA Idol, across various US cities selecting few finalists from each city with a plan to conduct semi-finals and finals during convention. The winner of NATA Idol competition finals will be given an opportunity to sing in a Telugu movie which is a dream come true for many singing aspirants. 
The competitions held in Atlanta on 05/14/2016 at Sky Land Business Center were a huge success with several prominent personalities from various walks of life including local and national non-profit organizations attending. Celebrated Telugu film industry personalities Chandrabose and Raghu Kunche comprised expert panel of judges scrutinizing the performers for the competitions. The winner will be given an opportunity to sing in a Telugu movie to be directed by Raghu Kunche. The competitions saw flow of talented singers between ages 12 and 55 who put in best effort to present their talent. Judges Chandrabose and Raghu Kunche provided their valuable feedback and suggestions to participants. The scoring was based on sangeetham, bhaavam, selection and presentation of song with clarity and melody. The program was well anchored by TV5 anchor Hasini who added a dash of humor with her style. NATA Congratulates Atlanta NATA Idol winners who will be heading for finals in Dallas.
NATA Idol National committee chair Girish RamiReddy and team membersNeelima Gaddamanugu, Rekha Karanam, Santha Susarla,  Sirisha Thatakula,Madhavi Sunki Reddy, Ram Cheruvu, Dwarak Varanasi, Darga Nagi Reddy, Dr.Dwarakanth Reddy put in paramount effort to formulate and design a program that would select talent across USA by organizing NATA Idol programs in many cities. Girish Ramireddy and Santa Susarla had made huge effort traveling to every city along with judges and others providing support to the local teams in conducting competitions smoothly. 
NATA 2014 convener Bala Indurti, Board Of Directors Srini Vangimalla & Ravi Kandimalla, RVP's Kiran Kandula & Venkat Mondeddu, National standing committee chair Neelima Gaddamanugu are the key local team who made sure Atlanta program was held with a bang supported by other NATA team members such as BOD Srinivas Kotlure, RVP Gopinath Reddy, National Standing Committee chairs Ramesh Chaparala, Madhavi Indurti, Jagadeeshwar Reddy Cheemarla & Guru Paradarami, Regional Coordinators Bindu Jonnalagadda & Ramesh Kotike. RVP Kiran Kandula & Neelima Gaddmanugu had been instrumental in putting major effort pulling Atlanta event together right from venue to food arrangements which was appreciated by contestants and guests equally. RVP Venkat Mondeddu helped with publicity, registrations & negotiating plaque discounts. Ram Durvasula, Venkat Chennubhotla, Swathi Kari, Shanti Medicharla and Bhanu Sri provided support during execution stage of the program. Katyayani Kosaraju, Bindu & Madhavi helped with stage decorations.
NATA BOD Srini Vangimalla welcomed the guests with his opening note and invited NATA team on to stage while BOD Ravi Kandimalla gave a synopsis of NATA social initiatives held in India as Seva Days coordinator. Girish Rami Reddy & Neelima Gaddamanugu explained the birth of NATA Idol concept and background. NATA appreciates its sponsors for the event Printvise (National), Bawarchi Biryani Point, Krishna Training, Venkat Gaddam of Dream Realty Group. Other credits include Rami Reddy Jana of Golden Line for discounts related to plaques nationwide, Joji for sound system, John Gladson for photography, Sundar for TV5 camerawork, Divinity AV for Audio & Media partners TV5, ManaTV. The program was relayed live on MANA TV as "TV5 NATA IDOL".
As always, ancillary support was provided by Dr.Prem reddy as the grand sponsor for the event supported by NATA Advisors president Dr.Mohan Mallam, President Elect Rajeswar Reddy Gangasani, EVP Dr Raghava Reddy Gosala, Treasurer Hari Velkur, ED Rami A Reddy, Convener Dr.Ramana Reddy & Coordinator Ramasurya Reddy.