Nata Convention 2016
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Just ahead of its third bi-annual convention to be held in Dallas (Texas), North American Telugu Association (NATA) organized singing competition, NATA Idol, in Charlotte, North Carolina on 15 May 2016. This event is part of series of NATA Idols being conducted across 10 cities in USA. Finalists of each city will be participated in semi finals, which will be held at NATA convention, 2016. The final winner of finals will get a chance to sing in Telugu movie. Famous Lyricist Chandra Bose and Singer/Music Director Raghu Kunche were the judges for this NATA IDOL program. 
Yamini Pandrapagada, Swapna Jandhyala, Sukumar Atla, Srian Pedibhotla, Soumya Sistla, Sireesha Thota, Shyam Pedibhotla, Shriya Komaragiri, Sarayu Adala, Narasimha Medikayala, Gayathri Srinivasa, Vaishnavi Vadlamani, Srinivasu Vadlamani, Soumya Vadlamudi, Smitha Anchoori, Pallavi Tumuluru, Maina Edula, Keerthana Yathavakilla, Archana Patel, Aravind Mokkarala, Aara Krishna took part in this competition and hall was resounded with claps and whistles for their performances.
Dr. Prem Reddy is the Grand National sponsor for this event and  Raghurami Reddy Etukuru is the grand local sponsor.
The event was organized under the leadership of Raghurami Reddy Etukuru, Regional Vice President of NATA. The team included Raghunatha Reddy Kotha, Subba Reddy Meka, Srinivas Doki, Sanjeeva Reddy Pappireddy, Radhakrishna Reddy Kaluvai, Ram Manchi, Satya Kadali, Raghu Ariga, and Ravi Gadireddy. More than 300 people were attended the event. Tasty dinner and tea were provided to the attendees. 
NATA Secretary Girish Ramireddy was a chief guest to the event who travelled from Houston to attend the event. Semifinals and Finals will be held in convention center in Dallas on 28th and 29th May 2016.

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