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President's Message

April 2nd, 2017
Dear Friends,

Welcome to the official website of “North American Telugu Association” popularly known as “NATA”. It was a privilege and honor to me when I took oath as 4th NATA President during the Board of Directors meeting held in Las Vegas, NV on Jan. 10th, 2015 for a 2 year term. My sincere thanks to NATA Leaders who expressed confidence in my leadership and gave me an opportunity to serve the Telugu Community thru NATA.

As you might be aware, NATA leaders met in Houston, Texas on November 20th, 2010 and announced the formation of NATA. The main purpose of this organization is to make it “The Premier” National Telugu Association in North America. We will be celebrating our 7th Anniversary during November, 2015. Under the dynamic leadership of two Past Presidents: Mr. AVN Reddy garu, Dr. T Sanjeeva Reddy garu and Dr. Mohan Mallam , NATA has achieved several of its goals already at this young age. With the strong foundation laid by these two Past Presidents, I am confident that the current team will take NATA to a higher level.

With the current constitution and bylaws in place, the structure and function of NATA Leadership is well defined. We also have very talented Advisory Council members to guide us in achieving the original objectives and purposes for which NATA was formed. We have vibrant Board of Directors, several Standing Committee Chairs, Regional Vice Presidents, Regional Coordinators, and Overseas Coordinators to do volunteer work for the benefit of the Telugu Community throughout the world including USA and India.

NATA membership consists of Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Life members. During the Board meeting held on January 10th, 2015, NATA leadership decided to give 50% discount on membership fee in all categories until Dec 31st, 2018. Please take advantage of this promotion and encourage your friends and relatives to become NATA members by visiting NATA website:

The following activities shall take place during 2017-18 involving all members and leaders of NATA:

  • Publication of Leadership Resource Directory.
  • Publication of First Edition of NATA Membership Directory.
  • Several Community Service projects both in USA and in India.
  • Inauguration of New NATA Home office in New Jersey.
  • NATA Seva Days in both Telugu speaking States in India during December 2015.
  • Continuation of the various Community Service projects initiated by previous Past Presidents.
  • NATA 4th Mega Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  during July 4th weekend (July 6, 7,8 2018). Pennsylvania Convention Center and attached Hilton Gradden Inn Hotel shall serve as venue for this mega event.

I herewith request from the bottom of my heart, all NATA members and leaders to join me in this two year journey of serving the Telugu Community thru NATA and make it the Premier National Telugu Association in North America.

With Regards,
Rajeshwar Reddy Gangasani
President NATA 2017-18