please donate NOW to fulfill the wish of a dying man


Dear NATA family,

We want to thank you for all the contributions you’ve already made to help our community. It’s time for us to come together again and collectively help Anil’s final wish. Please read below:

Anil Pallikonda is in his terminal stage fighting head and neck cancer. Doctors at Herman memorial Hospital (Houston) have concluded that he cannot be treated any further, and advised hospice to spend his final days. He’s merely 37… with a wife and a 2-year old daughter.

His last wish is to travel back to India
. Because of traumatic bleeding and his inability to fly commercial, the only way to take him back to India is through Air Ambulance which costs $93000.

Please click here to donate and help Anil’s family and friends pay for the Air Ambulance. We are requesting that you please donate NOW to fulfill the wish of a dying man.

After you donate, drop us a note indicating you did. Write to: Ramesh Anthony. Don't mention your name or donated amount. All we are looking for is confirmation to track our support for those who need help.

With much gratitude,


 May 12 2017