Help Nagaraju Surepalli family


Dear NATA family,

On May 30th Nagaraju Surepalli (Naga) and his 3-year old son drowned in a community swimming pool and unfortunately there was no one during that time to help them. His wife Bindu and family are still in a state of shock and forced to face an incredible amount of grief.

Everyone who knew Naga would agree that he was one of the most jovial, honest, and friendly person. In the midst of this tragedy, his friends have set up a fund to help them with the funeral expenses and other ongoing grief/recovery support costs. This includes the very expensive process of carrying their mortal remains back to India.

Please find it in your heart to donate any amount you can as it will be a great help to the grieving family.  Money collected will be directly going to his wife Bindu, who is the beneficiary.

Any contribution is highly appreciated. Again, here’s the link to the donation site.

Thank you in advance for your time and help. 


 Jun 2 2017