Hurricane Harvey relief fund


Dear NATA family,

NATA would like to express our deepest concern and offer continued support to extend our help to beloved Texans during the disastrous aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  This has been the biggest hurricane since Katrina (2005). NATA volunteers are responding on the ground with local relief efforts to assist families of victims of Hurricane Harvey that struck Texas since last weekend.  The efforts also include food supplies to Hurricane Harvey Relief Centers.  Your generous donations will help support relief efforts throughout the affected regions, including both Corpus Christi and the greater Houston metropolitan area.    Please reach out to any of our volunteers listed below:

1. Maruthi Reddy @ 832-240-6749 or
2. Narayana Reddy Indhurty @ 832-472-1247 or
3. Prashanth Kollu @ 973-570-8996 or

One of NATA’s top priority is to protect families and communities and provide needed assistance during the times of emergency.  During this period of severe weather, we hope that our community will embrace together to remain safe.

Herewith, NATA requests the members to donate generously to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey using NATA link. Under Donation Cause, enter "Harvey Relief". We cannot thank you enough.



 Aug 30 2017