NATA Fund Raising Event in Toronto,Canada

The Telugu community of Greater Toronto Area have actively participated in the first ever fund raiser event in Canada. This event was organised to raise funds for the NATA (North American Telugu Association) Houston convention.  Several hundreds of Telugu families from Toronto and surrounding cities attended the event that was packed with music, dance, and many more.

The event started with a welcome address by Shravani Uppalapati. Canada Regional Vice President Surya Bezawada welcomed the guests Dr. Haranath Policherla, Jithendar Reddy and Kala Ratna Dr. Ghazal Srinivas.  Canada NATA team felicitated the guests of the evening.  

Telugu Cultural Association of Greater Toronto President Babu Devlapur addressed the gathering, and appreciated the NATA for their services to the world community. He shared his experience of New Jersey’s fund raising event, and mentioned that the Toronto Telugu Community leaders learned a lot from that event. He assured that the local Telugu Association will provide all the support to NATA activities in Canada.

Surya Bezawada in his address explained the NATA vision and its charitable activities.  He educated the audience with the details of NATA Sevadays that were held in December last in India. Provide the water purification project details, Scholarships that were awarded to the merit students of all the districts in Andhra Pradesh.

Some of the Highlights:

  • NATA has been rendering great community service with the help of excellent advisory council members Drs. Prem Reddy, Malla Reddy, Mohan Mallam, MS Reddy and Dharma Reddy.
  • Dr. MS Reddy Nomination to Nobel Peace Prize was received a great applause by all the attendees.
  • The arrangements are in full swing for the Mega Houston NATA convention under the great leadership of President AVN Reddy, Convener Jithendar Reddy, International Vice President Dr. Haranath Policherla, EC, board and many dedicated members and volunteers.

In conclusion, he welcomed all the Telugu Community to attend Houston Convention and requested them to donate generously.

Regional Vice President Dr Jaganmohan reddy shared the details of CME and Health projects. Welcomed all the doctors to participate in NATA Convention and take advantage of CME.

NATA International Vice President Dr. Haranath Policherla applauded the Toronto Community and their hospitality. He provided the highlights of the convention cultural content, registration packages, and invited all of them to witness the great Houston Convention. He entertained the audience with punching Telugu Dialogues from NTR’s great Movie Collections.

NATA Houston Convention Convener Jitender Reddy shared his happiness to participate in the first ever fund raiser in Canada. He applauded the RVPs, Local Telugu Community Leaders, and the volunteers for their warm welcome and hospitality. He grabbed the attention of the audience with his eloquent speech in Telugu along with Telugu slokas and proverbs. He assured a memorable convention. Everyone will have a great fun and enjoyment at Houston Convention. He reiterated the importance of the donations to the convention, and welcomed all of them to donate generously and participate in the NATA convention.

Songs by Haniska, group dances by Maithri & Friends, Udhay, Siddhu, Vishal, Shravani and their friends were stood as a special treat and entertainment.

Both Dr. Haranath and Jitender Reddy applauded the Toronto Telugu Talent, and they instantly invited the youth singer Haniska to participate in the convention cultural program. Audiences and organizers are thrilled with the announcement, and thanked the NATA leadership for the opportunity. 

Grand Finale of the night was Kala Ratna Dr. Ghazal Srinivas’s concert. Maestro Dr. Ghazal Srinivas, Pioneer of Telugu Ghazal Singing & Triple Guinness Book of World Records Holder, enthralled the audiences.  It was an emotional journey for the audience with subjects like family, life & native village. Kumari Sanskrithi’s Ghazal singing inspired the Toronto Youth.

Uppalapati, Srinivas Rao presented the vote of thanks.

Rao Vajha, Bose Vemuri, Jyothy Bobbili, Anitha Bezawada, SVS Appa Rao, Uttam Global Erp Solutions were also participated.

Canada NATA team was well supported and applauded by all the audience for hosting a fun filled event for all the ages. Delicious food was catered and the event ended with DJ Telugu songs and dances.


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