NATA Seva Days December 2013

In the last board meeting in New Orleans on April 20, 2013, it was decided to do the NATA Seva Days from December 16th to the 29th, 2013 across Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Mohan Reddy Talamati was appointed as NATA Seva Days coordinator. Executive committee had a telephone conference and discussed various projects to do during the NATA Seva Days. The following are some of the projects recommended by the executive committee and if anyone is planning to do other projects, please let me or Mohan Talamati or the executive committee know.
General Health Fair and Pediatric Eye Camps So far Pullampet Kadapa sponsor Sanjeeva Reddy, Nellore sponsor Mohan Talamati, Chittor sponsor Ramana Reddy, Karimnagar, sponsor Santosh Reddy, Sunkisala, Nalgonda sponsor Malla Reddy.
Water Purification Plants So far sponsors Anantaiahgari Palli, Kadapa, sponsor Sanjeeva Reddy, Nellore sponsor Mohan Talamati, Rayachoti Kadapa, sponsor Suresh Reddy, Keshapuram, Rayachoti,Kadapa, sponsor Mohan Kaladi, Puthanavari Palli, Kadapa, sponsor: Haranath, Policherla.
Cemetary in Villages Nellore, sponsor: Mohan Talamati
Scholarships for top inter students from government junior colleges We need sponsors for each district, 5 times 23 equals to 115. $200 per student.
Benches for government elementary schools We need sponsors for this project. We will let you know the cost soon.
Language and cultural events: final day at Hyderabad(December 29, 2013) a)NATA walking and jogging race 5K b)Kavi Sammelanam c)Kathala Poti d)Medical seminar (CME) e)Business seminar f)Cultural events in the evening at Silpa Kala Vedika or Ravindra Bharati. Mr. Mohan Patollola volunteered to help with this event.
We need sponsors for the above programs. We also need to form NATA Seva Day coordination committee of ten people. Please let me or Mr. Mohan Talamati know if you are interested. We need people who are coming to India during this time to be volunteers for this.
Sincerely, Sanjeeva T. Reddy, M.D.,Ph.D President North American Telugu Association

Published on: 13 Sat May,2023