NATA Free Mega Health Fair in NJ Grand Success

NATA in association with St. Peter’s University Hospital organized a MEGA Health Fair on Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm at Buccleuch Park, 321 Easton Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901. There is an overwhelming response to the fair, more than 700 people attended the health fair and received many services offered during the health fair that includes, FREE FLU VACCINATIONS, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Eye Screening, Pain Management, HIV Awareness, Hepatitis Awareness, TB Awareness, Nutrition and Healthy Living, Foot and Ankle, Ask the Doctor, Ask the Pharmacist, Cancer Services, Ask the Dentist, Thyroid and Diabetes Center, Autism, Stroke Information, Fitness and Exercise Education, Financial Counseling, CyberKnife Robotic Surgery, and Cardio Metabolic Institute by expert Doctors and medical staff. One of the fair attendee sent to an emergency after thorough tests from the fair itself.
This mega event was organized by NATA NJ team under the guidance & support of Dr. Pailla Mallareddy (AC Member) who is the GRAND sponsor of the event, Dr. Sanjeeva Reddy (President), Dr. Haranath Policharla (EVP), Dr. Mohan Patalolla (Jt. Treasurer). Srinivas Ganagoi (BOD) planned and coordinated with Tabiri Chukunta(ED of Community Outreach, St. Peter’s Hospital), Crystal Muhi(St. Peter’s Hospital) and executed the event with the help of of Sarath Veta (RC),Vamsi Koppuravuru(RC),Arun Sriramineni(RC), Krishna Siddhada(RC), Srinivas Ranabothu(RC), Raj Potluri (member), Sandeep Reddy Tangirala(Rutgers Student), Sai Dinesh Reddy(Rutgers Student) and many other volunteers who helped making the event grand success.
Dr. Sanjeeva Reddy (President) addressed the gathering with his keynote speech and provided more details about NATA and how NATA is different in providing services to the community across USA and also in AP, India. He mentioned that NATA is following the founding principles of “Samskritika Vikasame NATA maata and Samaja Sevaye NATA Bata” and he stressed that this event is a clear example and true replica of those principles. I see one side there are more than 70 children performing dances from various local dance schools on a professional stage with a traditional dresses to reflect our culture and on the other side we are providing the health services to the needy. We are very happy to associate with St. Peter’s Hospital in providing these services.
Dr. Haranath Policherla (EVP) was overwhelmed by the participants and said NATA is doing many activities similar to these kinds of events and he was very happy that the event went extremely well. He thanked St. Peter’s team for their dedications towards the community.
The FREE FLU Vaccinations are sponsored by Dr. Purnachander Sirikonda who also graced the occasion and monitored the whole flu vaccination program and thrilled to see such an amazing response from the community and he was very happy to be part of the program.
Sarath Veta (RC) coordinated the cultural programs with the help of Raj Potluri and Vamsi Koppuravauri(RC).
Many sponsors such as Ravinder Thota (JSMN International), Suresh Reddy(BOD),Santosh Pathuri(BOD),Mahesh Bigala(PR Chair), Anna Reddy(Membership Chair), Ramana Devulapalli (RVP), Siva Meka(RVP), Mohammed Murtuza(SC),Guna Yelamuri (Persis Biryani),Govardan Pobba(Deccan Spice),Ram(Thirupati Bhimas Masala), Damu Gedala(Coriander), Dr. Naveen Mehrotra(SKN Foundation), forward and supported the event. Raj (Paradise Biryani) provided the snacks for the event and also brought Dr. N. Sailaja who is a speaker in BHAKTI TV Channel to speak on Siddha Yoga. Siddha Science addresses to the core of energy imbalances, which cause diseases. This imbalance of energy generally manifests in the form of diseases like joint pains, back aches, diabetes, ulcers, low and high blood pressure, anemia, heart ailments, kidney problems, skin problems, allergies etc. on a physical level. On emotional front they take shape as negative thinking, anxiety, addictions, fears, traumas, and disorders at mental and emotional level.
Senator Sam Thompson graced the occasion and thanked NATA and St. Peter;s Hospital for doing such a wonderful services to the community and he pledged his support towards the Indian American community.
The NATA Leaders Rajeshwar Reddy(BOD),Pradeep Samala(BOD),Chinnababu Reddy(BOD), Mahender Musuku (ED), Naresh Chintalacheruvu(SC),Sreedhar Gudala(RVP-PA),Lingareddy(RC), Ram Mohan Chinnala (RC), Raj Kakkerla(RC), Avanish Raj(RC), Mallik Bolla, and other community leaders such as Nandu Balija, RG Krishnan, Hari Eppanapally, Prem Nandiwada, Manju Bhargava, Sudhakar Uppala, Suresh Makam,and Kanakam, Amar Reddy attended the event and gave positive feedback about the event.
The event was supported by TFAS, and SAATHI. The entire event was live telecasted in At the end Srinivas Ganagoni Thanked all the media personal Sridhar Chillara(CEO, TV5 USA) and Srinivas Rao Mutyala(TV9) and Madan ( TV Asia), Ujwal Kasthala(Tori Radio), Venky Sadagopan(Radio Zindagi), AVR Sridharan(Radio Zindagi) and others who helped making the event successful.

Published on: 13 Fri Mar,2015